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About Eri Hope

Welcome to the Eri Hope website which specialises in the relief of Eritrean refugees. Eri Hope is a non-profit organisation which supported by Hope Makers who volunteer their money, effort, time and knowledge to help forgotten Eritrean Refugees in Sudan. Eri Hope is registered with the Government as company 12267362.

In eastern Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Libya and Indonesia, Eritrean refugees are scattered by a 50-year humanitarian crisis and are living in unclean, impoverished camps with no access to clean water or electricity and are struggling to get food and treatment for their illnesses.

Become a Hope Maker and remember those who have been forgotten by the media.

For more information, contact us now at 0044 738 0700 279 / 0121 690 4569

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    • Address :162-164 High St,Birmingham B12 0LD
    • Email us :info@erihope.org
    • Call us :0044 121 6904 569
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